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Google Classroom & ICU Education's mission is to be the educational hub for all critical care related learning at University of Toronto's Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine and our affiliated programs. Our vision is to expand and host educational curriculum related to neurocritical care, trauma, and simulation to name a few areas of interest and future development.

Our ICU Education curriculum is delivered via Google's Classroom. 

1) Download the Google Classroom App
To utilize this resource please download the Google Classroom App on your mobile device (Android or iOS) from the App store

2) Login to Google Classroom App
Then follow these Instructions (PC, Android, iOS) to  login, please use the full email address as your login:
(If you are a Sunnybrook Resident, Fellow, or Faculty and wish to have an account, please email courses(at)

3) Add your courses using the App and the Course Code - see below for course codes.
Once you login - you then Add the Course using the Course Code

4) You also please need to download Google Drive and YouTube Apps

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ICU Courses/Podcasts available on Google Classroom

StartICU (course in development) - Course Code: 4kvhq9p
"StartICU" is designed to help residents "hit the ground running" so-to-speak and serve as anxiolysis for what is likely their most exciting and valuable rotation during residency (of course we are biased!). StartICU consists of a series of Video podcasts (Vodcasts) that cover the "ABCs" of ICU care from a resident's perspective. The content is accessible locally via Google accounts assigned to each rotating resident, which in addition allows them to access the material using a mobile (App-based) or web-based platform - Google Classroom. We are also able to track the progress of student's learning and engage them during their ICU rotation. Moreover, we have also created curated content for "advanced courses" that residents can register into during their rotation to enhance their learning. These advanced courses go beyond StartICU and utilize both in-house Vodcasts in addition to curated collections from the #FOAMed world, which has many excellent lectures on advanced topics.

SNACC Audio Lectures - Course code: c460j2
SNACC stands for the "Society for Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care". It's mission: "is to advance the art and science of the care of the neurologically impaired patient through education, training and research in perioperative neuroscience." You can join SNACC if you wish out of interest or for learning - however, SNACC kindly makes available a series of audio lectures covering a plethora of neurocritical care topics and these are compiled together in this course.

Beyond this, SNACC provides a series of audio talks, provided by experts in Neurocritical Care. Below a smattering of these talks has been compiled for your enjoyment and learning.

TBI Protocol at Sunnybrook - Course code: 6o0rlu
At Sunnybrook we have developed a TBI Protocol. This protocol is designed to provide standard and priorizited care to our neurotrauma/brain-injured patients. In this Podcast series, Dr. Martin Chapman (Neurointensivist at Sunnybrook) and Dr. Houman Khosravani (Neurocritical care Fellow) discuss the TBI Protocol. This is a multi-part series.

Neurocritical Care Orderset at Sunnybrook - Course code: 1577d7
At Sunnybrook we have developed a Neurocritical care order set for any patient with brain injury. In this Podcast series, Grace Walter (Clinical RN Educator) and Dr. Houman Khosravani (Neurocritical care Fellow) discuss our protocol for admission.

What is FOAM? It's Free Open Access Meducation (or medical education). To read more about what FOAM is, please visit Life in the Fast lane's epic treatise!

The on-line critical care community is burgeoning and there are a tremendous number of great free resources in the form of blogs, podcasts, and vodcasts. In addition social media forums such as Twitter are delivering cutting-edge content to the masses. A combination of traditional media and social media stands to forever alter the delivery of medical education. One area that we feel is important is maintain are talks directed at the novice audience such as residents starting their first ICU rotation.

In the spirit of FOAM, we want to share with you a resource developed in Toronto to facilitate resident training. Using Google's Apps@Work platform for Education, we have curated an introductory course for Jr residents that covers basic topics before they start their ICU rotation. 

There are numerous great websites that host critical care educational content as FOAMed/FOAMcc - please see the bottom of the page for a listing of websites; several of our favourites are listed below. Another great way to follow FOAM resources is to join Twitter and follow #FOAMed and #FOAMcc and individuals that tweet with this hashtag.

A sampling of great #FOAMed Resources: